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Uniquely Yours Consulting

Uniquely Yours Consulting was founded in 2004 by Food Scientist, China A. Reed, who was inspired with a desire to become more involved in the food industry and a passion to share her knowledge with our youth.  China's innovative approach and seasoned skill set has landed her the opportunity to create for some of the industry's most respected companies such as The Kroger Corporation, McDonald's, and Skippy Peanut Butter.  In 2002 China worked with Popeye's Chicken, adding the Mardi Gras Cheesecake to their list of menu items.  China holds steadfast to her dream of increasing the wealth of food science knowledge available to small and medium sized businesses and organizations. 

Uniquely Yours Consulting, LLC is a food service consulting firm specializing in all aspects of food science and culinary arts.  Service offerings include product development, research development, quality control, culinology and concept development.

Uniquely Yours Consulting has the ability to create unique and effective solutions for our customers increasing need for new products.  Our purpose is to offer unique services that meet individual needs and to provide creative solutions to all that each food service situation necessitates.  Our belief in constant training and education helps keep us at the cutting edge of new industry trends and technology, providing our clients with premier service.

Uniquely Yours Mission seeks to bridge the gap between foodscience and culinary innovations to produce world class products and services.

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